Investigative Journalism Center

Investigative Journalism Center (Daruvar, Croatia) is established in 2003 as a non-profit NGO, Investigative Journalism Center (IJC) supports development of investigative reporting in Croatia and in other countries of the South East Europe.

The IJC uses a top quality pool of trainers/mentors depending of the specific project, it organizes investigative reporting workshops as well as other media events and cooperates with similar organizations in Croatia and internationally.

The IJC’s target groups are mostly young journalists and journalism students who want to be basically educated in the field of investigative journalism but also experienced journalists who want to learn specific tools and methods of investigative journalism.

The IJC is one of the founding organizations of the Global Investigative Journalism Network ( ) and member organisation in South East European Network for the Professionalization of Media (

In cooperation with Mediacentar Sarajevo IJC was involved in Investigative Journalism – Stories of organized crime (2004 – 2007). In this learning by doing program, nearly 100 journalists from six Southeast European countries completed a five-month work on investigative stories mentored by editors/trainers. Many of them received awards for the stories made in that program.

The IJC was a Croatian partner in the South East European Media Observatory project (2013-2014).

From 2019 IJC organizes the annual Fazana Media Fest, an International Multimedia Journalism Festival (